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The Valor Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Systems provide real time tire information to the driver through in-cab display options; and/or through a telematics web portal for fleet management (when TPMS is integrated with a specific telematics system). The Valor TPMS solutions provide early warning to both the driver and fleet management of a potential tire breakdown on the road. The systems can be applied to a wide combination of transports: Straight truck only, tractor only, straight truck with tow, tractor with trailer, and tractor with multiple trailers. All of these applications can be integrated with specific telematics systems or stand-along. The Valor TPMS solutions display a visual warning to the driver if a tire’s pressure or temperature limit is met and will continue to display until the issue is resolved. Integrating Valor TPMS with a telematics system allows for even more preventative tire maintenance by collecting data on fuel cost reductions, vehicle inspection reports, tire replacement schedules, and better safety ratings by eliminating on-road tire repairs.

The Valor TPMS collects tire data through internally mounted tire sensors and then transmits the data wirelessly to a 433.92 MHz coaxial antenna mounted underneath the tractor and/or trailer(s). The information is relayed to either the 203 display (showing real time tire data to the driver) or to the CAN bus. The CAN bus solutions carry the tire data to the back office telematics portal via the connected telematics device and can also display the information in the driver’s cab through an optional 2-inch display.

Below are Links to find Valor TPMS systems manuals, available in English, Spanish, and soon to be available in French.

Manual Downloads (ENGLISH)

Valor TPMS Setup Guide

Valor 203 Display Installation Guide

Valor CAN bus Installation Guide

Valor TPMS 2″ display gauge Installation Guide

Manual Downloads (SPANISH)

Manual Downloads (FRENCH)