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Product Flyers

We have made it easy and convenient to communicate product information and pricing to your customers. The following is how you can now request any product flyer for your dealership and customer needs:

  • Step 1: Email our Marketing Team to request a product flyer Send Mail
  • Step 2: Within the Email, please list what product(s) you would like on the flyer, Pricing, Dealership Location, and any other information you would like to display on the flyer.
  • Step 3: If you would like to enter the pricing and dealership location yourself, please mention this in your email and our marketing team will create fill-able fields for you to change information at you see fit.
  • Step 4: Please allow up to 2 business days for flyers to be created, in most instances, turnaround time for flyers will be ready “same day”

Product Merchandising Displays

Visibility is the key! The customer may not realize he needs the product until he sees that it is available at a competitive price from your dealership. Anyone who has spent more than an hour in a vehicle knows the importance of mobile entertainment. The demand for radios, CB’s, speakers and antennas is enormous and merchandising is the key to sales. Get your share of the business by displaying top-selling items where your customers will be sure to see them.

Point-of-Sale Materials

Keep your customers informed of the latest products and promotions with Pana-Pacific in-store signage. We are always creating new point-of-sale materials and product brochures to help make products and programs visible to your customers.

Retail Packaging

Many of our products are shipped in attractive retail packages that explain the features and benefits of the product. Stack the boxes (empty or full) in your showroom along with your sales price to generate interest and impulse sales.