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Sales Capabilities


Sales Capabilities & Experience

“The Pana-Pacific sales team is the best of the best.”

To better serve our customers, the Pana-Pacific sales staff is
divided into four teams:

  • OE – Dedicated to production and factory needs of original equipment manufacturers.
  • AFTERMARKET – Supporting the OE dealers.
  • FLEET – Specializing on the needs of
    larger fleet customers.
  • SPECIALTY MARKETS – Focused on the
    unique needs of the retail business.

They are customer-oriented and well-respected throughout the industry. With an average of 18 years of industry experience, our sales staff is trained to answer the customer’s questions before they are asked.

We believe that relationships are the key to success! Our sales team is available to support our customers throughout the entire process; before, during and after the sale.

The OE team’s role is to bring extensive experience in all areas of product integration in CV applications including ergonomics, safety, placement, routing and manufacturability. The key to Pana-Pacific’s success in this area is communication; continuous communication with customer marketing and purchasing contacts as well as ongoing working relationships and rapport with engineering staff in customer advance concepts, research and development labs.

The strength of Pana-Pacific’s Aftermarket team is shown through the personal attention given to each dealer. Our team provides product training and sales support to individuals within the dealership. They encourage dealers to implement marketing programs and participate in promotions that will create revenue and make a positive impact on their bottom line.

While all of the Aftermarket team will visit fleet customers, Pana-Pacific has a team of specialists whose main responsibility is to work with fleet customers. Our goal is to sell the fleet customer on the features and benefits of Pana-Pacific products for safety, comfort, and driver recruiting and retention. We will explain the many fleet programs available on our products and their value to the profitability of the fleet customer. The Pana-Pacific sales team will then encourage the fleet customer to purchase these products from their local OE Dealer.