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Why Choose Pana-Pacific?

“The Commercial Vehicle (CV) Industry is unique in many ways.”

The vehicles and equipment produced by commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturers are tools in continuous operation by owners. Quality and reliability are a requirement – the owner’s livelihood depends on that. At Pana-Pacific we understand what it takes to provide specialized product and support that exceeds customer expectations.

For over 44 years our dedicated team of sales and engineering experts has worked side by side with CV manufacturers to develop and provide quality products in the vehicles that live up to the standards required by users of their vehicles. Our customers have come to rely on Pana-Pacific to be the expert in the areas of: mobile audio and entertainment, satellite radio, mobile appliances, safety and more. We take this responsibility very seriously. At Pana-Pacific we take pride in consistently delivering quality products today. While at the same time, we take responsibility to guide our customers to plan for future products and technology that will position them as industry leaders.

“We have worked diligently to build a powerful industry presence.”

Success in these areas has earned Pana-Pacific Preferred Supplier Status with all heavy truck manufacturers. A distributor mentality and systems-integration approach has positioned the company to offer world class products from global companies to the CV manufacturers, as well as their dealers and other valued customers.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Audio Systems
  • Satellite Radio
  • Telematics
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Engine Start Modules
  • School Bus Radios/PA
  • Navigation
  • Video Systems
  • Communications
  • Harnessing/Cabling
  • Antenna Systems
  • Cameras and Alarms
  • Mobile Appliances
  • Vehicle Mounting Systems
  • COBRA Select Products
  • Installation and Mounting Hardware

Our customers include 14 original equipment (OE) manufacturers. Support services are provided to approximately 2,200 OE dealers, over 35 OE part distribution centers and thousands of CV fleet companies. At any given time, you will find over 2,000 different part numbers in stock and available for shipment from our warehouse facility in Fresno, California.

Average Monthly Volume

600,000 Parts Shipped
3000 Customer Support Calls Answered

Customers Serviced Include:

Heavy and Medium Truck Manufacturing Facilities
Farm, Ag, and Construction
Bus Manufacturing Facilities
OEM Truck Dealers

Technical Support

Integrated Solutions
Application Assistance
Installation Advice


Electronic Data Exchange – EDI
Managed Dealer Inventory – MDI
Vendor Managed Inventory – VMI
Email, Phone and Fax Order Acceptance

Quality Systems

Currently ISO/TS 16949:2009
ISO assessment audits occur every 6 months
Regularly scheduled internal ISO audits occur on a monthly basis
Six Sigma Embedded / Ongoing Black Belt & Green Belt Projects

Environmental Policy

Customers are our #1 priority.

Pana Pacific is committed to providing our customers with quality products produced utilizing environmentally responsible processes. We exhibit our commitment to environmental responsibility through four major areas;

  • Compliance with environmental laws
    Provide products produced with processes that comply with all local, state and federal environmental laws
  • Identification of Processes in Excess of Legal Requirements
    Implement programs and processes that are not required by law, but serve to significantly reduce the negative environmental impact of the operation
  • Regular Effectiveness Review
    Ensure effectiveness and relevance of programs, projects and targets through regular audits, tracking of key metrics and review by management personnel
  • Continuous Process Improvement
    Strive to continuously improve every aspect of our business to reduce its negative environmental impact and prevent pollution. We will communicate ideas to our customers and work with our suppliers to identify and implement improvements