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Ultracapacitor Engine Start Module
Ultracapacitor Engine Start Module

Part Number: ESM123000-31

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What is an Engine Start Module?

An ESM works in tandem with batteries, extending usable life by providing reliable burst power at ignition. Ultracapacitors use an electrostatic field to store and deliver power. They charge and discharge in just fractions of a second, supplying rapid bursts of energy to crank the engine over. Reliable starts in any extreme, just what drivers count on.

Product Features:

  • Starts your truck every time
  • Over a million starts
  • Weighs only 23 pounds
  • Operates reliably from -40F to 140F
  • Eliminates costs associated with dead or drained batteries
  • Reduces the need for idling to maintain battery voltage
  • Easy to install-just like a standard Group 31 battery
  • Recharges in just 15 minutes or less
  • Extends the life of lead acid batteries
  • 4 year warranty

    Product Specifications
  • Voltage: 12V starter, nominal. 15V module voltage. Maximum module voltage 16V
  • Peak Current: 1,500A (at -40 degree Celsius and Farenheit). 1,700 (at 25 degree Celsius and 77 degree Farenheit)
  • Cranking Power: 17kW
  • Works dependably in engines to 15L
  • Recharge Time: 15 minutes(recharge from battery at 10 amps)
  • Dimensions: BCI Group 31. 13"L x 6 13/16"W x 9 7/16"H
  • Terminals: SAE Type A post/ 3/8" threaded
  • Environmental: Designed for heavy-duty truck battery box environments